Special leisure opportunities for foreign students

    • Zittau Mountains Tours
    • Excursions
    • Sports activities

Leisure opportunities offered by HSZG

    • More than 40 different sports:
      • Ball sports, fitness, martial arts, track and field, riding, swimming, dancing, tennis
      • Special activities and sports camps: Surfing, diving, skiing
      • Sporting events: German University Championships, Mixed volleyball tournament, University sports festival

    • University events:
      • Semester welcoming parties
      • Mardi Gras
      • Spring festival
      • ‘Star Club’ disco

Leisure opportunities in, around, and beyond Zittau

  • Open-air concerts
  • Theatre
  • Cinema
  • Zoo
  • Music bars and discos
  • Olbersdorfer See (flooded strip mine)
  • Fairs (Zittau Music Night, Zittau City Fair, Border Triangle Fest, Neisse Film Festival)

  • Zittau has border crossings to Poland and the Czech Republic, no visa is required.
  • Prague (approx. 3.5 hours by train)
  • Castles and palaces in the Czech Republic and Poland
  • Zittau Mountains:
    • Various events at the Oybin monastery ruins
    • Theatre plays on the 'Waldbühne Johnsdorf' forest stage
    • Hiking
    • Winter sports

  • Dresden, Saxony’s capital (approx. 2 hours by train)



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